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Android Medical Waste Software Application

  SharpSoft® Android Mobile Application

SharpSoft® Android Mobile Application is designed by waste transportation industry professionals to provide an easy to use interface for documenting the waste picked up and new products left on site at each of the Business Customers sites. Each transaction captures the signature of the Driver and Customer to lock the transaction down and provide customer assurance of billing and waste processing accuracy and traceability. Choose from an array of available mobile devices to deploy the application to your fleet.

Designed with productivity and field tested with thousands of transactions conducted weekly, the SharpSoft® Android Mobile Application is the engine driving the biomedical waste transport process to greater efficiencies and facilitating managed growth.

  Features At A Glance

Each route driver is required to login and sign in using a unique ID prior to using the application. After the initial login, the driver is prompted to complete a pre-flight check list encompassing safety, inventory and vehicle consumable conditions and status. The information gathered is stored and available for review, recurrence control and preventative maintenance evaluation.

After completing the check list, the route assigned to the driver is downloaded and presented in the correct order for execution created using the SharpSoft® application. The driver is able to see a list, by customer name, for each member of the route. Clicking on a customer name displays the ability to see notes and special instructions specific to the customer (entered by the route manager) and a link to a turn-by-turn GPS-driven map with voice directions.

Upon arriving at the customer location, the driver begins the process of entering the information relating to the waste by scanning a QR code label. After selecting the type of container from a list of products and designating the type of waste and weight of the item, the QR code label is applied to the box or product for tracking purposes. The QR code and all associated data is stored in the application and transmitted back to the server for storage and use in generating the biomedical waste disposal forms and invoices. This process is repeated for any new products that are being left at the customer's site and when completed, a summary of the waste picked up and new products left is presented for review and approval by signature by the customer. The customer's signature is saved along with all other related transaction data and used in the creation of the BMW Disposal forms and invoices. Invoices and BMW forms are made available immediately in the Customer Portal. The process is completed for each customer in the route list.

No Dead Zones

In the event of a loss of a cellular network connection – the application is designed to retain the transaction data, including signatures, and will continue to transmit the data until a successful transmission occurs assuring the completion of the waste documentation and invoicing process. Your data is important to the success of your daily operations and will always be given top priority.

Change Course and Maintain Profit

SharpSoft® Mobile Application route can be modified in real-time and made available to the driver immediately upon modification. Adding a new stop or deleting one is extremely simple thru the SharpSoft® application. Communicating with the driver is made simple with the SMS RouText feature of the SharpSoft® application. Send updated contact information, add a new stop and request a call back, all from the comfort of your favorite keyboard or desktop computer. No more thumb generated messages!

With the Cellular enabled device, you'll also be able to see the location of your driver on their route at any time. The GPS position of the vehicle is transmitted back to the SharpSoft® application and updated once every 3 minutes. View the map location in Roadmap or Satellite view while you examine the "As run data" for the route with quick links to each customers invoice and waste form. Reroute your drivers based on real-time developments and requirements.

Affordable Technology Available Everywhere You Are

Using the latest products developed by industry leading manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, the technology you utilize is stable and easy to maintain. With the largest support networks in the industry you'll get real-time internet and phone support for your devices directly from the manufacturers.

Because they are internet-enabled devices, obtaining upgrades to the application are seamless and transparent to the operators. There's no complicated programming required or difficult installations, one simple download and the application will install and configure automatically. Because these devices are the same ones available at your local phone or Walmart store, you'll find your staff is already familiar with their operation, taking out most of the curve in the learning process.

Bad things happen to good tech too. Rest assured, in the event of an accident that disables your device, replacements can be found at many of your local retailers all across the US and in nearly every city. No special or proprietary hardware is required, buy it off the shelf and be back in service in no time.

Solid Features, Field Tested, Ready to Roll

This is the software and technology solution of choice for the Waste Transportation Industry today.

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