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Medical Waste Management Software Solutions

SharpSoft® was created in 2012 by a team of industry professionals with a combined experience of over 70 years in the medical waste disposal industry. Representatives from industries including treatment and disposal facility owners, medical waste transportation agencies, warehouse and logistics management professionals, certified accounting professionals and aerospace program management were chartered to evaluate and develop a comprehensive suite of applications designed to streamline the education and certification process for businesses working with biomedical waste, solid waste, pharmaceutical Rx, chemical and hazardous waste.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide current educational material with a clear path to certification for all businesses or individuals providing services in the medical waste industry in an affordable and platform-independent process.

Medical Waste Disposal

SharpSoft® technology provides management solutions for biomedical waste and pharmaceutical Rx transport, treatment and disposal. Streamline your company's processes with online software modules and tools that make your business daily activities quick and easy to manage and implement.

Solid Waste Disposal

Solid waste is closely regulated by a number of local, state and federal agencies. SharpSoft® provides transporters with the tools they needs to track required documents, track and send invoices and manage drivers on the go. Solid Waste Disposal has never been this easy before.


Recycling is an important facet of waste management. SharpSoft® has integrated recycling management solutions in its software technology. Required documents, client invoicing and driver management are all at any transporters fingertips anytime and anywhere.

Logistics & Transportation

SharpSoft provides logistics mobile applications for solid, hazardous, bio, toxic waste, recycling and service industries. Enjoy the most user friendly logistic, cradle-to-grave, asset-manifest compliance management software system.

Routing Solutions

The SharpSoft patented Real time Driver Apps and Back Office secure and protect your company's most valuable data. Drivers choose products, waste streams and services with predetermined invoice pricing and models that you specify, protecting your company from data loss and/or theft, while shielding other sensitive information.

GPS Tracking

SharpSoft has integrated 3D Google and MapQuest APIs for standard route navigation. Drivers can navigation efficiently on their specified route from one stop to the next seamlessly with any smartphone or tablet device. With SharpSoft, you can forget about wrong turns.

Notable Features

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SharpSoft® is a Turn Key Medical Waste Transport & Compliance Software, 100% Developed & Designed by Medical Waste Treatment & Transportation Owners. Red Bag Sharps, Routing, GPS, Pickup, Removal, Transport, Treatment, Invoicing, Training, Certification, Medical Waste Disposal Software, includes User Friendly Driver and Administrator Apps that are 100% Compatible With all Android Smart Phone, iOS/iPad and Tablet Technology.

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